People should be promoted on their merits.

Geeeze after the trouncing Labor just got at the ballot, their really clutching at straws now?? It dumbfounds me that they find this so surprising when Tony Abbott said on many occasions that the team he had in Opposition will largely be the same as the team he’ll lead in Government?

Personally I believe there should be more woman in Cabinet but people should be promoted on the merits regardless of gender. In time, as Abbott alluded too during yesterday’s press conference, when some of these junior MP’s gain more experience than things could possibly change in the future. Cabinet reshuffles are nothing new and really until this new Governments actually had a chance to govern, than this is nothing more than a desperate beat up by an Opposition Labor Party trying to distract the nation from its own internal turmoil…

It seems to me that Labor are just trying to play the gender card again in another attempt to win popular opinion. I say, good on Abbott for sticking to his guns so that the new incoming Government can have the strongest team possible regardless of their race, colour, creed or gender!

Nice guys finish last..

As the title suggests, once again I’ve proven this theory to be correct..

I don’t know what it is? Maybe I’m too nice, maybe girls really do like that edgy style, maybe it’s human nature to want what you can’t have, maybe I’m just a lonely soul that’s wanted nothing more in life than to feel accepted by someone, maybe that’s why I probably try so hard to impress? To be honest these are questions I ask myself all the time, yet stupidly I still keep making the same mistakes..

Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era, to the wrong parents in the wrong country? I spend hours thinking about this and the reason why is because for the life of me i can’t find anyone in the here and now that I have a mutual connection with.

I was lucky enough to be raised by a father with old fashioned values. I was taught to be open, honest, to listen, be courteous, show compassion, to love, respect and too give people your time. These are all things that I’d gladly do for anyone regardless of whether I was attracted to them or not?

I don’t feel that I’m fussy, nor am I judgmental. I’m just as happy to speak to a millionaire as I am the hobo on the street. As a matter of fact, I’d probably have more in common with the hobo!

My question is, where does a man like me fit into this world because right now I have no idea?



I started writing this piece giving advice of what love is and it should be (obviously by my standards as its different to everyone else) and underlying the technicalities of the wants and needs should be. Having recently experienced another situation of repeating history, my forever repeating…